Chief Academic Officer

Ildi earned her Doctorate from Arizona State University in 2002 in Educational Psychology with a focus on Learning and Instructional Technology. She earned her Master of Arts from University of Arizona in 1998 in Educational Psychology with a focus on Teaching, Learning and Development. She continues to be active in the research field through her publications in research journals as well as presentations at the state and national research conferences.  Throughout her career, she has supported thousands of professionals to identify and address student achievement gaps through the use of data analysis and the implementation of research-based best practices, interventions and enrichments. Ildi has integrated her knowledge and expertise in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), school improvement and accountability along with data-driven decision making into comprehensive professional development and coaching opportunities provided to districts and charters. The focus of her support has been on the use of data as an effective driver to improve teaching and learning. Ildi is a strong and vocal advocate for quality schools. She actively serves on many state-wide committees and organizations where she provides leadership and support on critical education reforms. Ildi has served as a governing board member of the Creighton Elementary School District.  In 2011, she was honored as an Emerging Leader by the Phi Delta Kappa International, a global association of education professionals. Prior to joining the Association and the Center for Student Achievement, Ildi worked in Scottsdale Unified School District as the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and was also the Deputy Associate Superintendent of Research and Evaluation for the Arizona Department of Education.